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CNC Profile Machining

Profile machining of aluminium - steel - stainless steel

From profile processing to complete assemblies

We offer the complete machining of profiles with our CNC controlled 5-axis processing centres: economic, three-dimensional and precise. This helps you to minimise process times and the expenses for personnel and machines in your company. Selective outsourcing will grant more flexibility, security for calculation and know-how. As supplier we also produce  individual parts as well as upmarket serial productions with the help of CNC laser cutting technology.

Due to our specialisation and our state-of-the-art machinery we consider ourselves one of the most important partners for job order productions in the metal sector. MetallArt is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 for the scope "partner for CNC profile machining". We are looking forward to convincing you of our friendly service and the flexible and short-term realisation.

MetallArt – your outsourcing partner

Our all-in-one solution: consultation, planning, programming, profile machining, quality control, component assembly and, of course, the entire logistics – a one-stop-shop-service from MetallArt.


We offer:

Complete machining of profiles for individual parts and premium serial productions characterized by economic , three-dimensional and precise standards.

CNC-High-Speed Machining

With only one clamping of the complete profile bar up to a length of 8,500 mm our CNC controlled 5-axis processing is capable to machine and form profile sections up to 300x400mm at all sides. Milling, drilling, sawing, thread tapping, slitting, spark machining, form milling… all this can be done at different angles regarding the component surface. The material utilization is absolutely economic due to a preprogrammed cutting optimization.

Key advantages of outsourcing

Processing times, personnel and material expenses are minimized, bottlenecks are reduced. You will obtain more flexibility, security for the calculation and know-how – it’s worth it!

Quality and reliability

The entire project course will be realized by our team of highly experienced technicians and engineers.

Consultation, planning, programming, profile machining, quality control and, of course, the entire logistics – a one-stop-shop-service from MetallArt.


Component assembly? This is no problem for our qualified staff – we are pleased to be at your service!

Component assembly



If required our team will mount the finished parts with great care and excellent know-how to premium assemblies and subsequently control them according to your specifications.

To prevent damages or other quality problems the parts or assemblies will be packed and afterwards supplied or dispatched on time.