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In the last few years MetallArt has convinced in several competitons due to its exceptional products and the outstanding performance of the company.

Staircase at Heraeus

Staircase of the year 2019

Category "Sculpture"

Steel stairs at Heraeus in Hanau

Spiral stairs in the Paneum

Staircase of the year 2017

Category Architecture

Spiral stairs at the Paneum in Asten

MetallArt mit dem Bundespreis 2017

Federal Award 2017

for outstanding innovative performances

In March 2017 MetallArt won the Federal Award for outstanding innovative performances in craft trades. The award was granted for the structurally supporting soffit lining made of steel as design element for sculptural staircases. The jury included representatives of the Federal Metal Association, the Bavarian Chamber of Crafts, central associations as well as officials from the German Ministry of Economy and Energy.

Metallbaupreis "Treppen und Geländer" 2016

Metallbaupreis 2016

Stairs and Railings

In autumn 2016 the trade journal M&T-Metallhandwerk (metal trade) honoured especially innovative and creative objects in metal construction, grouped in six categories. In 2016 a steel staircase by MetallArt ranks among the award-winning projects, too. The spiralled staircase sculpture over three storeys can be found in the foyer of WTZ III - the Centre for Economy and Technology in Heilbronn. It sets impressive standards in staircase construction. Get more information.

GlobalConnect Award 2016

GlobalConnect 2016

Hidden Champion

At the state reception of the ministry of economics which took place during the GlobalConnect at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre, the economics minister of Baden-Wurttemberg, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, selected MetallArt as "Hidden Champion". The cross-sectoral prize honours our special niche occupation and the successful positioning in foreign markets. Also the level of innovation and the international strategy were crucial aspects for the award. 

Folded stairs with curved ground plan

Staircase of the year 2016

Category "Modern"

Steel stairs in a private residence in Hamburg

Steel stairs at WTZ

Staircase of the year 2015

Category "Room design"

Staircase in the foyer of the WTZ III in Heilbronn

Stairs in Vienna

Staircase of the year 2014

Category "Modern"

Balustrade stringer stairs at the Armani Store in Vienna

Spiral stairs in Constance

Staircase of the year 2013

Category "Design"

Spiral stairs in Seehotel Riva in Constance

Stairs glass railings MetallArt

Staircase of the year 2012

Category "Innovation"

Steel stairs at the commerical offices Funky in Munich