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The contemporary history of architecture shows that stairs, apart from their functionality, have always been constructed as outstanding elements of design. Due to its structural bearing capacity steel offers, like no other material, various options for the creation of innovative design stairs and it is an indispensible material when it comes to the latest trends in staircase architecture. Self-supporting spiral stairs with a closed underside soffit or parapet-high steel stringers give sculptural effects to design stairs and result in their outstanding appearance.

Steel stringer stairs at Vector


The engineers of MetallArt always aim to create aesthetic stairs coming up with inventiveness and individualism. Nevertheless, our stairs comply with the high standards of function and quality at all times. Regarding this aspect the MetallArt Design Stairs are unique and contribute significantly to the architectural style. No matter whether you are planning a staircase for your private home or project representative stairs for commercial buildings, as an architect or building owner - MetallArt will realize your visions and ideas.

Parapet-high stringer stairs at the five-star-plus hotel The Fontenay

In March 2018 the entrepreneur Klaus-Michael Kühne opened the five-star-premium hotel The Fontenay in Hamburg. It is situated in the Rotherbaum quarter at the western bank of the outer Alster in Hamburg. The luxury accomodation rates currently among...

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Something old, something new

The renovation and rehabilitation of this residential building impressively shows a felicitious combination between architectural elements of the 1950s and the latest design trends. According to the floor plan of the stairwell the architect Dirk Hoga...

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Remarkable staircase architecture in sculptural design

These imposing curved design stairs featuring parapet-high steel stringers were constructed for a new single-family home near Zurich. To illuminate the design stairs in an indirect way MetallArt realised lighting coves at the outer stringer of the...

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Glass railing for steel stairs | Vector Informatik GmbH

Since summer 2016 the new administration building of the Vector Informatik GmbH can be found at the industrial area in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf. Our elegant steel stringer staircase, covering four storeys, presents itsself in the foyer of the company...

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Stairs | Sparkasse Bayreuth

The banks' customer centre at the Luitpold Platz in Bayreuth opened after only two years of construction. The self-supporting spiral stairs with folded steps take centre stage in the two-storey lobby of the new building. Beside the imposing...

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Steel balustrade & stainless steel handrail with indirect lighting

The concrete stairs featuring steel balustrade stringers made of flat steel takes center stage in the premises of Truma. The company is based in Putzbrunn and has been a leading specialist for caravaning accessories for more than 65 years. By means...

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Design in glass and steel

The impressive steel stairs with transparent glass treads covers three storeys in the Vector corporate building in Stuttgart. It is a perfect combination of bent box-type stringers, transparent glass treads and an exclusive stainless steel railing....

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Curved steel stairs on the Bühler Innovation Campus in Uzwil

It took five years from the basic idea of Utz Bühler to its realization. The Innovation-Campus CUBIC of the technology group Bühler was completed with an overall construction budget of 50 million CHF and opened in May 2019. The highly modern 3-storey...

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Stairs at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin

For the stringer stairs project at the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB), being part of the MDC, the Berlin Staab architects consulted the renowned MetallArt Treppen GmbH. Considering the comprehensive expertise and the employed...

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Balustrade stringer stairs at Augsburg Beethovenpark

The curved design stairs in discreet white integrate harmoniously into the light-flooded ambiance of the office building at the Beethovenpark in Augsburg. Due to their structural supporting soffit lining and the parapet-high balustrade steel...

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Design stairs for innovative architecture

Architects and interior designers are planning design stairs as creative elements between the individual floors - like a piece of furniture or a sculpture matching the interior style of the building. Apart of impressive staircase structures which dominate the room there are modest but elegant design stairs fitting in aesthetically in the buildings ambiance.


Design stairs with steel balustrades

By means of the latest manufacturing technologies and our long-standing experience the experts of MetallArt create and manufacture parapet-high steel balustrades for design stairs. The closed box-type stringers complete the design stairs and can be realised in straight or rounded shapes.


Design stairs featuring a structural supporting soffit lining

To achieve sculptural effects and a homogenous appearance design stairs are often completed with a smooth underside cladding. MetallArt developed an own interface between 3D design and special FE structural programs (Finite Element) which includes the steel underside soffit in the structural calculation. This results in material savings and a significant improvement of the vibration behaviour of the design stairs.


Self-supporting design stairs

By means of an advanced and complex 3D software for pre-visualizations we can meet our customers' wishes ideas regarding innovative self-supporting design stairs. Beside the planning, production and assembly of design stairs MetallArt also supplies the verifiable structural analysis as well as the vibrational calculation. 


Design stairs with LED handrail ligthing

MetallArt developed an own LED lighting system for the handrails of design stairs setting exclusive highlights with indirect illumination. This feature also provides for power saving and economic light solutions. The light intensity of the recessed LED spots can be regulated by a dimmer and thus it adapts itsself to the individual requirements and conditions of the room. 


All-glass railings for design stairs

All-glass railings for design stairs captivate with maximum transparency and visual lightness. According to DIN 18008 MetallArt delivers demanding railing constructions for indoor and outdoor use. With a special technical approval and the abP - an own licence with general test certificates issued by the German building authorities - MetallArt corresponds to the architects and owners wishes for glass railings showing surpassing measurements. This applies for straight, curved and ascending glass railings and results in sophisticated constructions. The length and width of the single panes are allowed to considerably exceed the requirements regulated in DIN 18008.