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Glass stairs have become increasingly relevant in modern architecture. Glass stairs with tread steps or railings made of glass must comply with the legal regulations of the building authorities. The steps are made of three-layer laminated safety glass. Each layer is thermally tempered and then bonded by lamination in three layers. Thus, the required stability is guaranteed and the glass steps can sustain the pressure of the proven fracture tests. The anti-slip screen printing prevents slipping and provides at the same time convincing visual elegance. Glass stairs are translucent and convey the impression of transparency and lightness.

Glass staircase by MetallArt

Steel Staircase | OLYMP Bezner KG Bietigheim-Bissingen

With modern shirts, ties, polos and knitwear the gentlemen's outfitter OLYMP Bezner KG lifts sophisticated men up to their personal OLYMP. The way up to the OLYMP offices in Bietigheim-Bissingen (Ludwigsburg region) is equally classy: a simple and...

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Modern interior staircase for a young living style

The convincing features of this modern interior staircase structure with glass treads are its lightness and distinctive lines. The filigree construction of the saw-tooth stringers with a saw-tooth cut at the top and bottom and the parallel railing...

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Design in glass and steel

The impressive steel stairs with transparent glass treads covers three storeys in the Vector corporate building in Stuttgart. It is a perfect combination of bent box-type stringers, transparent glass treads and an exclusive stainless steel railing....

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Modern interior stairs with saw-tooth stringers

These modern interior stairs with filigree saw-tooth stringers convince with their outstanding design. The construction matches perfectly with the architectural style. The glass treads and the balustrade filling of the interior stairs featuring...

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Single-stringer stairs for a stylish living

The lightness and strength of these modern single-stringer stairs contrast appealingly, perfectly matching the stylish living ambiance of a residential house in Bonn. The impressive central under-stairs stringer made of a rectangular steel tube and...

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Glass treads for a modern staircase


Glass treads have been a valuable element of modern staircase design for many years. The straight two-stringer staircase boast an appealing combination of glass, steel and stainless steel. The architect implemented a filigree tensioning substructure...

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Elegant stairs with triangular stringer

With an extremely minimalistic design these stainless steel stairs have been constructed as single-stringer stairs with an external triangular stringer. The construction of the stainless steel stairs owes its impressive style to the perfect material...

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Single-stringer design stairs - stairs with glass treads


The design of these innovative interior stairs is perfect in the light-flooded stairwell of a modern residential building. The striking central stringer made of a steel tube is the load-bearing component. It contrasts appealingly with the transparent...

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Newel staircase in MetallArt Design

This elegant newel staircase features a continuous stainless steel newel and steps made of glass. The filigree stainless steel cross belts of the balustrade were clamped by means of specially moulded aluminium parts to the construction of the tread...

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