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LED Handrail Lighting

An exclusive ambiance with indirect light

Creating decorative effects by illuminated handrails

The MetallArt Treppen GmbH took advantage of the strong demand for sophisticated lighting solutions in staircase construction. We developed an appealing LED lighting system for handrails which convinces primarily with the absolutely even and flush integration of the single lights along the underside of the handrail. The refined design in combination with the advanced technology finds application in interior design but it can be equally used for outdoor illumination projects.

Handrail LED | Balustrades by MetallArt

Power-saving and economic light solutions with LED handrail lightings by MetallArt

The LED handrail lighting can be supplied as integrated system in combination with the stairs or, if required, also within an individual offer. 

The scope of delivery includes:


  • 1 x recessed LED spot made of stainless steel 
  • 2 x connection strand 70 cm
  • 2 x quick connector


Due to the system which was developed to suit our constructions we can offer this lighting feature as a cost-efficient alternative compared to existing versions.

Technical details for the LED handrail lighting by MetallArt

The recessed LED spots from MetallArt are designed for an ambient temperature of -40 °C to +125 °C. They shine selectively in neutral white with a colour temperature of 5.000K and a radiation angle of 120°. The light intensity can be regulated and varied by a dimmer. A hollow part with a minimum installation depth of 20 mm is necessary for the fitting.


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LED Handlaufbeleuchtung von MetallArt bei Sparkasse Bayreuth

LED handrail lighting as design feature

The indirect lighting systems for handrails by MetallArt are not only practical and useful. They create furthermore an exclusive and comfortable ambiance by giving highlights on the treads and stringers of the stairs without causing glare. A discreet lighting solution also guides in the darkness and improves the safety.

Beside the economic advantage by low power consumption and a very long life service the LED lights emit less heat than for example halogen lights.

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