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Indoor stairs are the connection between different living levels. Beside their functional purpose, they are increasingly used as a creative element in outstanding architecture. A modern indoor staircase is the calling card that reflects your individual style of living: from modern and futuristic to stylish and sophisticated through to extremely cosy.

Parapet-high flat steel stringers for design stairs

MetallArt Indoor Stairs

... are always an aesthetic experience despite their functionality. Steel offers more design options than any other material due to its high load-bearing capacity: filigree bearing structures complying with modern architectural demands. We manufacture stairs in accordance with the ideas and wishes of promoters and architects. We do not set any limits on the wishes of our customers. This is why each staircase by MetallArt is unique.

Stairs steel + wood for a cosy ambiance

The covering of the treads as well as the handrail of these steel stringer stairs are manufactured of European oak. The steel stringer stairs harmonise perfectly with the interior design of the building. Together with the exposed natural stonework...

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Newel staircase in MetallArt Design

This elegant newel staircase features a continuous stainless steel newel and steps made of glass. The filigree stainless steel cross belts of the balustrade were clamped by means of specially moulded aluminium parts to the construction of the tread...

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Folded staircase with steel balustrade stringers

In the pedestrian zone of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse modern city appartments were completed in spring 2015. Situated in the middle of the city centre this area nevertheless offers a very pleasant and calm living atmosphere. At the photo opportunity...

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Living on two levels on the outskirts of Stuttgart

On the outskirts of Stuttgart but not far from the city centre, modern city appartments for young families were realised in summer 2015. Matching the sophisticated and classy interior equipment elegant newel stairs were fitted to connect the two...

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Standard stairs in best MetallArt Quality

The MetallArt engineers developed this high-quality standard stairs in a system design. The stair stringers and balustrade components are made of top coated aluminium according to the colour you prefer. The convincing element of these standard stairs...

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Glass treads for a modern staircase


Glass treads have been a valuable element of modern staircase design for many years. The straight two-stringer staircase boast an appealing combination of glass, steel and stainless steel. The architect implemented a filigree tensioning substructure...

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Design options for modern indoor stairs

  • String staircases with filigree flat steel stringers - straight, helical or curved

  • Spiral stairs, with regular rounding, for a prestigious staircase
  • Newel stairs with or without exterior stringer
  • Single-stringer stairs with expressive shapes
  • Cantilevered stairs as an element of design
  • Folding stairs
  • Saw-tooth stringer stairs with filigree saw-tooth stringers

 Material mix produces diverse solutions

  • Supporting structures for interior staircases (stringers, under-stair stringers or newel post) made of varnished steel, available in every colour, or made of stainless steel

  • Treads made of timber, glass, marble, granite or with carpet sheathing
  • Railings of powder-coated aluminium, steel or stainless steel balusters
  • Glass railings or stairs with balustrade stringers
  • Handrail made of timber or stainless steel