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Stainless steel becomes more and more important for modern staircase construction. Highest quality standards for the finishing of stainless steel results in sophisticated and stylish stairs. MetallArt is the expert for staircase design with premium stainless steel elements.

Single-stringer staircase with glass steps

Stainless steel stairs in modern design

Newel stairs or spiral stairs, saw-tooth stringer stairs or single-stringer stairs - stainless steel can be taken for any staircase construction no matter if it is planned for indoor or outdoor use. Combined with glass, wood or stone - there is a great variety to design different types of stairs with elements of stainless steel. For modern and stylish staircase structures as well as highly elegant stairs stainless steel has become very popular and is in great demand.

High-gloss polished stainless steel stairs

In addition to the conventional finishing of stainless steel with a grinding pattern of 320 grit high-gloss polished elements are more and more required in sophisticated staircase architecture.

Elegant stairs with triangular stringer

With an extremely minimalistic design these stainless steel stairs have been constructed as single-stringer stairs with an external triangular stringer. The construction of the stainless steel stairs owes its impressive style to the perfect material...

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Newel staircase in MetallArt Design

This elegant newel staircase features a continuous stainless steel newel and steps made of glass. The filigree stainless steel cross belts of the balustrade were clamped by means of specially moulded aluminium parts to the construction of the tread...

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Newel stairs for a real estate agency in Frankfurt

These representative newel stairs in the premises of a renowned real estate agency, situated in the bustling city centre of Frankfurt, actually are an aesthetic connection between the office floor on the third level and the attic. The stylish...

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Glass railing for steel stairs | Vector Informatik GmbH

Since summer 2016 the new administration building of the Vector Informatik GmbH can be found at the industrial area in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf. Our elegant steel stringer staircase, covering four storeys, presents itsself in the foyer of the company...

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All-glass railing for thermal spa in Bucharest

In the north of Bucharest, in the town of Balotești, the thermal bath Bucharest offers perfect facilities to relax in a quiet ambiance. The advantage of this thermal spa is the exceptional concept: Covering an area of 18.000 m² there are 800.000...

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