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Stairs for modern architecture

In modern architecture, stairs are not only a functional element providing a connection between two storeys; they are increasingly used as a creative interior design element. Their outstanding position inside the building lends itself to this role. No matter whether in prestigious public and commercial buildings or stylish residential buildings, it is the most prominent place for the promoter to give the building a distinctive style. Therefore, stairs by MetallArt are always an aesthetic experience despite their functionality. Steel offers more design options than any other material due to its formability and high load-bearing capacity: filigree bearing structures complying with modern architectural demands.

Design stairs in Austria

Modern stairs | Reference projects

The following list of reference projects provides a short overview of our comprehensive stairs portfolio. You will get detailed information on the different stairs made of metal by clicking on the images. Just take a look at our virtual stairs studio.

Elegant stairs with triangular stringer

With an extremely minimalistic design these stainless steel stairs have been constructed as single-stringer stairs with an external triangular stringer. The construction of the stainless steel stairs owes its impressive style to the perfect material...

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Modern interior staircase for a young living style

The convincing features of this modern interior staircase structure with glass treads are its lightness and distinctive lines. The filigree construction of the saw-tooth stringers with a saw-tooth cut at the top and bottom and the parallel railing...

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Modern interior stairs with saw-tooth stringers

These modern interior stairs with filigree saw-tooth stringers convince with their outstanding design. The construction matches perfectly with the architectural style. The glass treads and the balustrade filling of the interior stairs featuring...

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Single-stringer stairs for a stylish living

The lightness and strength of these modern single-stringer stairs contrast appealingly, perfectly matching the stylish living ambiance of a residential house in Bonn. The impressive central under-stairs stringer made of a rectangular steel tube and...

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Stairs steel + wood for a cosy ambiance

The covering of the treads as well as the handrail of these steel stringer stairs are manufactured of European oak. The steel stringer stairs harmonise perfectly with the interior design of the building. Together with the exposed natural stonework...

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Newel staircase in MetallArt Design

This elegant newel staircase features a continuous stainless steel newel and steps made of glass. The filigree stainless steel cross belts of the balustrade were clamped by means of specially moulded aluminium parts to the construction of the tread...

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Folded staircase with steel balustrade stringers

In the pedestrian zone of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse modern city appartments were completed in spring 2015. Situated in the middle of the city centre this area nevertheless offers a very pleasant and calm living atmosphere. At the photo opportunity...

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Living on two levels on the outskirts of Stuttgart

On the outskirts of Stuttgart but not far from the city centre, modern city appartments for young families were realised in summer 2015. Matching the sophisticated and classy interior equipment elegant newel stairs were fitted to connect the two...

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Standard stairs in best MetallArt Quality

The MetallArt engineers developed this high-quality standard stairs in a system design. The stair stringers and balustrade components are made of top coated aluminium according to the colour you prefer. The convincing element of these standard stairs...

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Glass treads for a modern staircase


Glass treads have been a valuable element of modern staircase design for many years. The straight two-stringer staircase boast an appealing combination of glass, steel and stainless steel. The architect implemented a filigree tensioning substructure...

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Daimler Benz in Stuttgart/Sindelfingen

The flamboyant structure of the steel stairs presents itself like a sculpture in the foyer of the customer center at the Mercedes Benz factory in Stuttgart/Sindelfingen. The glass railing which is inserted in the box-type stringers juts out freely...

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Design for Steel Staircase - KSK Boppard

This steel staircase in the foyer of KSK bank in Boppard (near Koblenz) is definitely the focus of attention. The steel staircase is characterised by an attractive harmony of steel and wood in combination with elements of stainless steel. The...

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For Designer Fashion | Emporio Armani in Vienna

In November 2012, the new Emporio Armani store opened its doors in the city centre of Vienna. A convincing and outstanding architectural highlight is the construction of the self-supporting stairs, which look like a sculpture in the stylish interior...

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Modern stairs for every purpose

If you ask yourself the question "What are modern stairs?", you will find out that stairs architecture is also subject to fashion trends. This has an effect on the way stairs are designed and constructed as well as on the selection of materials: Stairs with soffit lining, balustrade stringers, glass railings, glass steps...

Based on decades of experience in stairs construction, the design engineers of MetallArt have always succeeded in developing sophisticated technical solutions with creativity and commitment that satisfy requirements regarding both function and design.

Different shapes for modern stairs

  • Newel stairsstairs with a continuous newel of lacquer-finished steel or stainless steel.

  • Spiral stairs (also referred to as curved stairs), either circular, half-circular or elliptical, with or without a half-landing depending on the number of stairs and the degree of winding.
  • Straight-flight stairs - with or without a half-landing - convey the impression of a clear line in the room layout. Stairs with a half-landing allow a change of the flight direction. They are referred to as quarter-turn or half-turn stairs.

Various stairs structures:

  • Single-stringer stairs with expressive shapes

  • Steel stringer stairs: flat steel stringers for filigree stairs structures, box-type stringers for generous staircase structures in prestigious entrance halls and foyers
  • Saw-tooth stringer stairs for young modern living.
  • Folded stairs
  • Cantilevered stairs for a futuristic style of architecture
  • Self-supported stairs

Material variety for modern stairs:

  • Staircase structure made of steel combined with timber treads and/or handrail

  • Stainless steel stairs: the load-bearing structure as well as the railings are available in stainless steel
  • Glass stairs: staircase structure made of steel or stainless steel with glass treads and/or glass railing in modern stairs architecture

Economic manufacturing processes

The MetallArt design engineers naturally orient their designs towards the latest style trends. This requires state-of-the art manufacturing technologies as well. The technicians and architects in the design department have been using highly complex 3D-software for many years. A CNC laser system as well a CNC five-axes profile machining centre cut the steel, stainless steel or aluminium with millimetre precision and machine the stairs components.

The MetallArt design engineers have acquired comprehensive knowledge also about the use of glass materials in stairs construction. Particularly where glass railings are concerned, they can rely on a sophisticated assembly technology especially developed for this purpose.

Your project is in good hands at MetallArt. We are a "one-stop shop" offering all relevant services and workmanship, from expert advice through to the acceptance of the finished stairs.