Steel stairs | WMD in Ahrensburg

At the office building of WMD in Ahrensburg, an internationally recognised company for business process optimization, these steel stairs present themselves in a straight and convincing design. The panes of the all-glass railing are hold by the stair stringers, featuring a rectangular profile with an H-section. The very modern and stylish appearance of these steel stairs is owed to the use of glass for the railing. The tread steps made of steel are welded in between the stringers of the stairs.

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Steel stairs

  • Steel stairs ground plan: five-flight, straight design
  • Effective flight width of the steel stairs: up to 1.250 mm
  • Trough-type treads made of 5-6 mm thick steel sheet
  • Design and construction according to 18065 and TRAV/DIN 18008

All-glass railing

  • Panes made of laminated safety glass (VSG), semi-tempered/tempered safety glass
  • Top-attached stainless steel handrail
  • Design and construction according to the current TRAV regulations and DIN 18008

In addition to the production of these steel stairs MetallArt also delivered the planning and the structural engineering services.

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Interior Design:

Ralph Baiker