All-glass railings & box-type stringer stairs | BOA VISTA Hamburg

The BOA VISTA is an impressive and prestigious office and apartment complex which is situated in the Portuguese quarter in Hamburg. In Portuguese this expression means something like "beautiful view" - indeed an appropriate name for a building offering a fantastic look to the harbour, the church of St. Michael's and the river Elbe.

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All-glass railings realised in MetallArt technique with glass pocket

To underline BOA VISTA's exclusive character MetallArt manufactured numerous all-glass railings as well as a steel staircase with box-type stringers and another all-glass railing.

All-glass railings are absolutely in line with the trend and ensure the maximum possible transparency as this practical example shows. Due to own licences with general test certificates issued by the building authorities (AbP) it was possible for MetallArt to exceed the dimensions of the individual glass panes for the all-glass railings (defined in DIN 18008-4 category B).

  • Bearing structure for the all-glass railings made of extruded and anodised aluminium
  • Balustrade filling: panes made of laminated safety glass (VSG), according to structural requirements, glass joints <= 20 mm
  • Glass holder/frame: extruded U-channel section as glass pocket, fixed to the anodised aluminium structure
  • Thickness of the frame: in accordance with the structural requirements
  • Width of the frame: approx. 60 - 70 mm or in compliance with structural requirements
  • Height of the frame: approx. 130 mm
  • Run of the all-glass railings: along the terrace

Stainless steel U-channel for the handrail

  • U-shaped handrails provide a filigree finish to the top of the all-glass railings
  • Construction of the handrail: approx. 30x30 mm, pasted with an intermediate layer of neoprene on the glass fillings

 Interior all-glass railings with glass pocket

  • All-glass railings in MetallArt technique featuring panes of laminated safety glass (VSG) and a supporting structure
  • Glass pocket: made of extruded U-shaped aluminium profiles for the fastening to the unfinished floor, heigth approx. 150 mm
  • Run of the railing: at the edge of the ceiling above, horizontal and straight design, height of the handrail approx. 1,120mm

Steel stairs with box-type stringers

  • Stringers made of welded rectangular profiles, H-shaped
  • Fastened to the unfinished floor by steel base plates
  • Design and construction according to DIN 18065
  • Stairs ground plan: single-flight, straight
  • Flight width of the stairs: up to 800 mm approx.
  • 17 steps
  • Thickness of the stringers: approx. 10-12 mm or according to structural requirements
  • Width of the stringers: approx. 60 - 64 mm or according to structural requirements
  • Height of the stringers: approx. 250 - 300 mm or according to structural requirements
  • Construction of the tread steps: grating treads, mesh size 30x30 mm
  • All-glass railings in MetallArt technique, see above
  • Stainless steel handrail for the all-glass railings, see above