Steel stairs with all-glass railings | DSV Krefeld


The impressive stairs with all-glass railings in the corporate building of the global transport and logistics services provider DSV in Krefeld reaches over three storeys. The panels for the all-glass railings reinforce the impression of an open and light-flooded building. MetallArt, a specialist in the construction of demanding custom-made stairs, manufactured not only the imposing stairs but also the bridges, where the all-glass railings were used to intensify the experience of generous space.

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Stairs ground projection:

  • Two-flight straight run with three half-landings

  • 66 risers, 60 treads and four stairs head landings

  • Flight width up to 1,400 mm

Stairs structure for all-glass railings

  • Box-type stringers concealing the treads

  • Stringers made of welded rectangular H-profile sections to accommodate the all-glass railings of the stairs

  • With steel treads welded between the stringers

  • With steel base plates fixed to the unfinished floor

Tread-supporting structure

  • Box-type steps made of steel sheet with a thickness of 5 to 8 mm

  • Front and rear edges bevelled and folded up

  • Steel-sheet tread covers welded onto the top side

  • Hollow spaces insulated with mineral wool

All-glass railings

  • All-glass railings with laminated safety glass panes and top-attached stainless steel handrails

  • Executed in accordance with the currently applicable version of the Technical Rules for the Use of Fall-Protection Glazing TRAV

  • Handrails: diameter of 48 mm, made of stainless steel tube to provide for the transmission of forces (TRAV); glued to the glass panels with an intermediate layer of neoprene and sealed

  • Panel holders inserted in the H-type stringers, cast in resin suitable for inspection and approval and sealed


  • Lateral bridge stringers designed with glass pockets

  • A smooth-surfaced steel flooring forms the base of the parquet flooring installed by the customer

  • Bridge width: 2,000 mm

  • Stringer thickness: 10 to 25 mm or in accordance with the structural requirements

  • Stringer width: 60 to 70 mm or in accordance with the structural requirements

  • Stringer height: 400 to 500 mm or in accordance with the structural requirements

All-glass railings of the bridges

  • Design similar to the all-glass railings of the stairs

  • The all-glass railings of all of the three bridges are interrupted in the area of the glass elevators

In addition to the delivery and installation of the stairs structure and the all-glass railings, MetallArt also provided the following services:

  • Verifiable structural calculations for the stairs, the all-glass railings and the bridges

  • Vibration-resistance verification for the stairs and bridges