Daimler Benz in Stuttgart/Sindelfingen

The flamboyant structure of the steel stairs presents itself like a sculpture in the foyer of the customer center at the Mercedes Benz factory in Stuttgart/Sindelfingen. The glass railing which is inserted in the box-type stringers juts out freely from the bearing structure and conveys the impression of transparency and elegance.

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Modern steel stairs with glass railings

  • Steel stairs ground plan: single-flight, evenly rounded
  • 24 risers, 22 treads, foot landing with straight steel bridge
  • Stair width between the box-type stringers: 1,700 mm
  • Effective flight width of the steel stairs: 1,440 mm
  • Stair stringers made of welded rectangular section steel
  • Stringer thickness of 12 and 15 mm in accordance with the structural analysis
  • Stringer width of 150 mm
  • Stringer height of 410 mm

Stair tread construction for steel stairs

  • Folded steps (TS2000) made of 8 mm-thick steel sheet, bent at the front and welded at the rear, closed tread/riser structure (folded)
  • Suitable as substructure for the wooden cover as
    tread and riser construction

Underside soffit lining

  • Made of steel sheet shaped accordingly and welded into the spiralled rising stair flight.

Substructure for the stairs' foot landing

  • Segmental arch shape, inner radius of 650 mm, outer radius of 2,950 mm
  • Consisting of a four-sided L-frame, 8 to 10 mm thick, with steel sheet step on the top side to accommodate the landing cover
  • Frame height up to 230 mm
  • With welded-on steel fishplates for fastening to the unfinished floor
  • Tread of 5 to 6 mm-thick steel sheet with stiffeners on the underside, suitable for a multi-piece wooden covering

Inner railing with wooden handrail

  • Top chord and posts of flat steel 50/15 mm welded together to form U-shaped baluster spans
  • Handrail support as continuous flat steel chord 50/8 mm
  • Handrail bracket made of 8 mm-thick steel sheet, fastened to the railing posts

Outer railing as glass balustrade

  • With clamping structure to hold the glass balustrade, welded to the side of the box-type stringers of the steel stairs or the bridge
  • Balustrade filling on both sides made of 20 mm-thick laminated safety glass panes, regularly curved in accordance with the stair flight, cast in the U-pocket of the clamping structure and sealed (dispenses with screw connections, thereby more attractive)

For the Stuttgart/Sindelfingen project, we performed the following work and services in addition to the delivery and assembly of the complete steel stairs:

  • CAD construction drawings and detail drawings
  • Individual approval of the curved glass railing