Modern single-stringer staircases | beautiful living

This modern single-stringer staircase stairs integrates perfectly into the interior. The striking frame structure of the treads has a convincing design and look. The treads and the handrail, both made of bamboo, contrast perfectly with the dark lacquer finish of the stringer and the frame structure of the treads.

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Modern single-stringer staircase - a sophisticated design

With a flight width of 900 mm, the straight flight single-stringer stairs with 15 risers connect the ground floor to the first floor. The modern staircase structure integrates harmoniously in the interior with its convincing aesthetic design. The tread cover made of 40 mm-thick bamboo planks is equally stylish. The cover planks are ground and coated with a natural lacquer finish in three plies. The stringer structure is suitable for a wooden cover as well as for glass or stone treads (marble, granite).

Tread construction for single-stringer staircase

The frame of the tread structure is fabricated from 5 mm-thick steel sheet and placed on top of the understairs stringer. The tread surface of this frame structure is laser cut. The material was cut out leaving a perimeter rim of 4 cm width. The front and rear sides are bent. The riser is manufactured from a steel frame with the same width and thickness as the tread. The riser frame is largely responsible for the striking look of this modern stair design.

All steel parts of the single-stringer staircase are made of scale-free steel St37-2 and are coated with a prime coat in iron mica colour to prepare the surfaces for a finishing by the customer.

Modern railings for single-stringer staircase

The perfect craftsmanship of this construction is also reflected by the railings on both sides of the modern stairs, which appealingly combine stainless steel, steel and wood:

The balusters of the single-stringer staircase are accurately milled in the centre of the post to accommodate the filling bars. CNC profile machining does not only ensure maximum precision, but also enables the high-tech manufacturing of balusters at reasonable prices.

Like the treads, the handrail of the single-stringer staircase is made of ground and lacquer-finished bamboo and is fitted on top of the flat steel brackets holding the railing posts.

The four horizontal stainless steel bars of the balustrade filling are fixed with their face sides to the posts with set screws. This type of fastening is recommended because of its look. It dispenses with welded connections between the posts and the railing chord. The machining methods required to realise this design are also based on sophisticated CNC technology (Handtmann 5-axes profile machining centre).