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StandArt Stairs

Simply sophisticated

Highest quality is our standard. Due to the latest manufacturing technologies and our long-term experience we are in the position to offer you the "MetallArt Standard Stairs". We designed this high-value stairs in an exclusive look with passion for innovative solutions. 

Standard stairs in straight design

Each staircase is unique!

This is why MetallArt stairs always provide an aesthetic pleasure while meeting all of the functional requirements. Due to its bearing capacity and formability steel offers more creative scope than any other material: Filigree supporting constructions meeting the requirements of modern architecture. We manufacture according to the individual visions and ideas of promoters and architects. There are no limits to the realisation - each of our staircases is unique. 

Standard stairs in best MetallArt Quality

The MetallArt engineers developed this high-quality standard stairs in a system design. The stair stringers and balustrade components are made of top coated aluminium according to the colour you prefer. The convincing element of these standard stairs...

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